Where is spring?

I have more money than you.

Let's keep moving.

May I recommend another hotel?


She does this all the time.

You must account for your conduct.

Corruption was a problem.

How many?

It would've been better if Vaughn hadn't bought Ramneek a gun.

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It's really good to see you.

You can't speak English with 100 words.

I've learned how to relax.


Maybe Oliver didn't want to bother you.

How many do you have in stock?

Harmon took a bite out of his sandwich.

It's a pretty good one.

I don't see Matthew as often as I'd like to.

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I told you Shane would help us out.

I've got to get my license renewed.

Vicky wanted to know the truth.


It's normal to feel nervous when you don't know what to expect.

It's by no means impossible to earn one million yen a month.

I don't eat oysters.

He made good what he had promised to do.

Everything is very expensive in this store.


Spike was in Boston last month.

You are blessed, oh Lord our God and God of our ancestors, God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob, God of Sarah, God of Rebecca, God of Rachel and God of Leah.

She painted a beautiful picture of her mother.

Edward certainly looks confident.

Ti can operate a crane.

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Have you figured out what started the fire?


I asked her if she was okay.

She won't believe it.

Ms Sato is no lightweight. I just saw her chug three bottles of beer.


Is Rex any good at baseball?

Rupert called Johnny up from the airport.

If you can't come, send someone in your stead.

We don't get along with each other.

He's just a friend.

Ramneek was only too happy to help.

Leslie isn't going to hurt me.


We followed them.

I meant to ask you about it.

Is it money you need?

What pain are you trying to cover up with alcohol?

If you want a new bike, you'd better start saving up.


Are you like her?

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To my surprise, the anthropologist was accused of murder.

Is she more beautiful than me?

How will you dispose of this problem?


I really want you to be my friend.

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He met one of his old friends on his way back from the station.

I'm proud of you guys.

Do you think Ramneek saw it, too?

Do you fancy it is all right?

Deb promised not to tell anyone about it.

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A trade delegation has gone to Japan ahead of the Prime Minister to crunch the numbers with their Japanese counterparts.

She had lunch.

A fortune teller once told Christopher Columbus that he would become a famous man. Columbus, in turn, got angry and demanded his money back - claiming that even a child could state something so obvious.


Look not at the package but what's in it.

How much are we going to get paid?

We'll have to sit at the back of the train.

Pioneer 10 crossed Pluto's orbit in 1983.

Marian and Rajiv talked over a cup of coffee.

I'll be the one helping them, not you.

She laid down the gun on the floor.


I'm waiting for my girlfriend.

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Gail is doing good work here.

It was lucky for you that you found it.

The high building deprived their house of sunlight.


Scot took his time walking home.

The money involved is substantial.

I don't have books.

She likes to wear dark colours.

Pandora is quite smart, isn't he?

Betty is an active person.

We parted, never to see each other again.

That team has nothing but strong players.

All hope of my promotion went up in smoke after my reorganization plan fell through.

This fish is not edible.

I'm very sorry to hear it.


These porcelains are not valuable.

I can't believe you didn't recognize me.

The commander was roaring at his soldiers.

We all like to ride bikes.

To my surprise, she spoke English very well.

Please don't let the children play with knives.

That shouldn't have been allowed.

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Why is Ahmet going on a picnic with him?

Darrell is a good seamstress.

Blackpool is a coastal town.


How often do you call Roy?

I have been playing the guitar since I was thirteen.

Dannie and Matti both left early.


Christophe hasn't figured it out yet.

Susan is a lot stronger than Boyce.

What do you think Doyle is doing right now?


There are people who go mad for the nostalgic feel and also those who love originality.

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You told me you had a nice ass. Was that a misleading statement then?


It was very hot this morning.

The wounds, if they become more serious, can threaten your life's future.

Please tell him we're here.


Rik wanted to know where Juha was.

It is very cold outside. You'll catch a cold without a coat.

I saw him coming upstairs.


Carol accepted that what Aimee said was true.

It was very exciting.

The President will be broadcasting next year.

Drop your guns.

Elizabeth may be under thirty.


This had better be important.

It's my very case!

This is just too expensive.

This is the most massive structure I have ever seen.

I beg your pardon, could you repeat what you've just said?

I know that interest rates are fixed in accordance to the borrower's business risk.

The weather is supposed to go downhill starting this afternoon.

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What're you watching?

Why didn't Dennis tell his own wife?

Only a handful of activists in our union are getting on us.


"What do I care about Jelske?" "He's your only son, at least." "A son I would gladly give up."

'Now we are safe,' cried she. 'Here the old wizard has no more power over us, and we can guard ourselves from his spells.'

I need to talk with them.

Isn't the answer to this kind of obvious?

While in England I often consulted the guidebook.


There's nothing physically wrong with him.

He is often referred to as a national hero.

The program's memory management was so inefficient that it actually damaged the RAM somehow!

His voice was full of tender concern.

Knock yourself out.


Farouk got a little pie.

When was the last time you played golf?

The automobile industry is one of the main industries in Japan.

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There's pay phone in the hall outside Sally's office.

Kerry has only three months to live.

This must be one of the worst jobs in the world.

I thought Sri was guilty.

The week is over.

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Saturn devoured his children.

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Christophe appeared confused.

This is the same book as I have.

It should be like this.

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I knew Roberta was studying.

We gave a farewell party in her honor.

I saw the boy in brown shoes.

I'll send my mother a letter.

I just started reading this book.


She took care of his wound.

You're not dogs.

It came to nothing.

Uranus' atmosphere is made up of hydrogen, helium, and methane.

I hope we'll never have to do that again.

Few people know each other well.

The plane climbed to 4,000 feet.

It is about 1 mile from here to the station.

Let's not tell anybody about that.

Marcel picked up his fork and began to eat.

Do I get to talk?

She's attracted to Asian men.

Next week I'll write an e-mail to my parents.

There's a small possibility that Bill will be arrested.

The big oak tree breaks the force of the wind.